FAQs and Care

Here we respond to some often-asked questions. If we have not addressed what you wish to know please drop us a line at: exorobe@gmail.com


Zip Care

The versatile 3-way zip allows the exoROBE to be zipped open or closed in the usual way, but it can also be zipped from the base AND from the inside, which is perfect for when you have your arms pulled in.

Please operate the zips with care and do not force them.

The tips below sound complicated, but it is all very obvious once you receive and start using your exoROBE.

Can't undo the zip out of the bag? It may be that the lower zip is not fully descended.
Pull the 3-way zip to the base. Then undo the zip like normal. 
Avoid this situation by not pulling down on the zip like a one-way zipper. Instead, pull down on the robe itself. 
Pulling the zip can pull the zip through. Pull down through the robe instead.
By holding the fabric, rather than the zipper, the zip won't pull through or misalign itself as sometimes occurs with long zips. 
Can I wash my exoROBE? Yes, we recommend a cold wash and hung to dry. Detergents can remove the waterproofing.
How waterproof is my exoROBE? exoROBES have a 3000mm waterproof rating which will keep you dry even in the heaviest of rain. The seams are stitched, taped and glued and the material itself has a waterproof layer. The HDS version has a thicker material and is more water repellent on the outside. Just like any coat the weave of the material will allow water to attach to the weave. However the material doesn't let water through from the outside to the inside. The robes themselves are much quicker at drying than say a dryrobe. 
What size exoROBE should I get?

Consult our sizing chart and see how the sizes fit our models to decide what is right for you. For a closer fit you may want to size down.

  • If you are of slight build and up to 5ft 5in we suggest a small size. If medium or large build then consider a medium.
  • A medium is a good choice for most people who wish to use their exoROBE as an oversized changing robe.
  • If you are taller than 5ft 10in and of medium to large build then we suggest a large.

ExoROBEs are not "fit fussy", but if you do make a wrong choice then we will exchange for the size you require.