FAQs and Care

Some often asked questions are answered here. If we have not addressed what you are looking for then drop us a line at exorobe@gmail.com


Zip Care







 The versatile 3 way zip allows the exoROBE to be done and undone in the usual way, but also from the base and the inside when getting changed with your arms pulled in. Because of this however a little technique does need to be taken when doing the exoROBE up to avoid the zip being pulled through. 
Can't undo Zip out of the bag. This could be why!
Pull the 3 way zip to the base. Then undo zip like normal. 
Avoid this by not pulling down on the zip like a one way zipper, but on the exoROBE instead. 
Pulling the zip can pull the zip through. Pull down through the robe instead.
By doing holding the fabric, rather than the zipper, the zip won't pull through or misalign itself like a long zip can. 
Can I wash my exoROBE? Yes, we recommend a cold wash and hung to dry. Detergents can remove the waterproofing.
How waterproof is my exoROBE? We don't like the term waterproof. They are highly resistant and won't let water through. The seams are stitched, taped and glued and the material is waterproof itself and then coated on the inside. The HDS version has a thicker material and is more water repellent on the outside. Just like any coat the weave of the material will allow water to attach to the weave. However the material doesn't let water through from the outside to the inside. The robes themselves are much quicker at drying than say a dryrobe. 
What size exoROBE should I get? It's best to go to our sizing chart. As a rule of thumb a medium will cover everything if you are using it for an over size changing robe. If you your wanting a closer fit then have a look at the model and decide how it would look on you. If you are of a slight build then go with a small up to 5ft 5. If medium to large then a medium is for you. If taller than 5 10 and a medium to large build then we would go for a large. They are very universal, and we are often happy to post out a replacement size.