exorobe beach huts

One year on

One year on operating as EOS and the vision of a sustainable alternative clothing brand. Right from the outset it's always been our aim to be a sustainable as possible within the leisure and watersports industry, good to see that the main player in the changing robe market, dryrobe, has also gone down this route. 

One year on though, and I am (Clyde - owner) now full time with EOS and exoROBE, it makes a big difference to putting ideas in reality, keeping up with stock demands, timescales and logistics and also keeping within the ECO ideas we have. Most importantly though, being able to be out amongst it, on the water, on the bike, talking to like minded enthusiasts and being able to get in the elements as much as possible. As a small brand it's so important to us that we are, 'rider driven'. I put that in speech marks, because it sounds a bit cheesy. But you see all the brands in this market and wonder where their core is do they still do all the things that the brand is about, or is it driven from an unknown office somewhere. EOS is at present not about that at all, and hopefully will never be. I had so many ideas of what EOS stands for, however there are two main ones. Embrace Outside Space and Eco Organic Sustainable.  

It's also been so amazing that when I mention EOS, that more people actually recognise it, seen it out and about. Sometimes I don't know what to think about it, maybe its a bit embarrassing! However it's got to be a good thing to get used to if it happens more. 

This weather though it's a big bleak. We are hoping for something a bit more interesting any time soon. Pleaaaase!!!

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