exoROBES are here, or were here!

exoROBES are here, or were here!

It's exhilerating and both nerve racking bringing a product to the market place. I have been so excited about it all, but at the same time what I expect to be are the usual questions. What if they don't sell, what if I end up with loads of stock and I don't like them. What about the colours? But the first test is family and friends and that went better than expected. I was very pleasently surprise by how soft, warm and comfortable the inner fabric is. When people try them on and then don't want to take them off, then that must be good right. The next thing to get my head around is what to do when they are being bought, shipping, delivery admin. I hate admin!! Luckily my wife is amazing at it. She does the finances for loads of companies. 

The response from one facebook post and share has been way more than I expected, it makes you realise what a great community is out there, sharing to groups, recommending to others and general well wishers. (there are a couple of trolls, but we will ignore them - gives them something to do I suppose). The local support so far (1 day in has been fantastic).

My Son was at Rugby camp and I had promised a forest day and picnic with my daughter. She had already woken up pretty bossy. We took the van and loads of stuff to do, she wanted my undivided attention - in a cute way at first. She was not kidding. So I have my phone literally pinging away, questions, orders, enquiries. Where is the link, arghhh, I hadn't linked a page. 'Daddy get off your phone your'e meant to be hanging out with me' - many times through the course of the afternoon. She probably thinks I am chatting on whatsapp or something. I mean that does happen sometimes, ok fairly often if there is windsurfing, surfing, cycling chats. This time it definitely was not the case. I don't think she understood.

But what a good problem to have and thankyou everyone. I genuinely don't want to make this all about buying a product and not giving anything back. I am really look forward to all the exoTech bytes we are going to do. Sounds a good, name. might use that. Till next time!




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