exoROBE is lift off - our story

exoROBE is lift off - our story

Welcome to the launch of exoROBE and EOS, this is a hugely exciting time for us and I can't believe it has actually taken me so long to start producing and developing products for all outdoor enthusiasts. Windsurfing, cycling and surfing I would say has been my major life force since I was 10 years old. I think every decision I have ever made have been largely influenced by my need to be by a beach, or a wild outside space. This pandemic has definitely been a roller coaster, there have been many ups and downs for everyone. I myself, had a bad dose of the dreaded virus at the start of the year. Wiping my out for more than 6 weeks. How desperate was I to be out in the open, try and surf again. Which was not easy at all. I couldn't breathe properly at the best of times, let alone hold my breath. I ended up having a CT scan the next day to check it was all ok. Hospitals what amazing places full of incredible people. 

However, maybe one of the most positive things to come out of this, is just how much more people are appreciating getting out and about, reliving and returning to old hobbies like windsurfing, surfing, body boarding, cycling. I have seen so many more people doing cold water see swimming, buying dogs to do more hiking and walking. Stand Up Paddling boarding has gone through the roof. It's so exciting and I hope when we are allowed to do this with many more people more freely it continues.

This is where Embrace Outside Space or EOS has been born. Because that is exactly what we need to do for our physical and mental well being. exoROBE is the outdoor wear of EOS. I have spent most my life getting changed to go in the water out the back of car or a van, in drizzly rain only covered by a shabby towel! I have seen change robes become more of a part of the experience, they are fantastic things although for me missing some features. I have designed ours to be slightly slimmer to make them more allround, for changing in to walking a dog in heavy weather to watching the kids play rugby on Sunday morning. 

The towelling change robes have elbow length arms to stop a breeze coming in and hoody style pockets, with again a slightly slimmer fit. Still allowing you to change but also just hang out in them on the beach. 

We are also doing a kids range. My kids pretty much live in them in the summer, but usually it is really hard to get decent ones for them, so hopefully this will be a big appeal.

Finally we have also a substantial clothing range with EOS, with the aim to provide cool apparel to compliment adventures outside, or even in.

We have some exciting plans for the future, but this is now, and we want every outdoor enthusiast to have these exoROBE's , To get out there whatever the weather!




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